The Wedding


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The Wedding

Mrs. Lee: Your dress … it is beautiful. But, it is too big.

Bride: It’s my grandmother’s dress. It just arrived from Ecuador yesterday. I promised her I would wear it. (on the phone) Mr. Joseph. I’m trying on the dress right now.

Mr. Joseph: Ms. Lopez, your dress will be perfect, and you will look beautiful. Mrs. Lee can fix anything. She is the best. That is why I sent you to her.

Bride: My wedding…

Mr. Joseph: …is tomorrow. I know. Everything will be … The food will be delicious. You and your husband will dance all night. You will have beautiful photographs to send to your grandmother. Don’t worry. You are in good hands.

Bride: Thank you.

Mrs. Lee: Your wedding is tomorrow?! I will need to work all night. But for you, my dear, I will do it.


Tanya: Hello.

Sasha: This is Uncle Sasha. I have good news and bad news. First, the bad news. My temperature is 102! I have fever.

Tanya: Uncle! Can I bring you some chicken soup?

Sasha: No. No. Don’t worry. I will be fine in a few days. The good news is … that you have a job! A wedding. Tomorrow.

Tanya: Me? By myself?

Sasha: This is your big break. I’m giving the job to you. Do you have your list of English sentences? Take it out and practice.


Manny: (on phone) Carlos. We got a job! Tomorrow. A wedding!

Carlos: Their band cancelled?

Manny: They can’t be there. We got the job!

Carlos: Excellent!

Manny: (on phone again) Tomorrow, Tito! 1 o’clock sharp! American time, my friend. Get the drums ready. We’ll meet at the subway.

Tito: Yes!


Chi: Hi. I’m at work.

Manny: Chi, my band got a job. I need a guitar player. Tomorrow, 1 o’clock.

Chi: Tomorrow? 1 o’clock?

Manny: It’s a wedding. It’s our big break. Come on, Chi. Help us out.

Chi: Okay, I’ll do it. I’m in!

Manny: Great. We’ll meet at the subway. 1 o’clock sharp. Don’t be late.


Tanya: (practicing what a photographer says) A little to the left. A little to the right. Smile. Say cheese. Come on … move closer. Closer. Okay. That’s good. Hold it. Perfect.


Mrs. Lee: (on phone with husband) Hi, Xiao. Listen. I have bad news. I have to work tonight. But, listen to me. Yes, I know your parents are arriving from China. Get a … pizza! They will love American food.


Tanya: (taking pictures) Come on. Look up …Look up.


Mohammed: (to himself,practicing his English on a park bench) It is my great pleasure to meet you! How do you do? The weather is lovely today. (his phone rings) Ahmed, my dear cousin. How do you do today? The leaves on the trees make me sneeze.

Ahmed: Mohammed, I do not have time for your leaves and your trees. I need you to help me. What are you doing tomorrow?

Mohammed: Practicing my English. My job interview is next week.

Ahmed: Then tomorrow you are free. You still have your city food cart license, right?

Mohammed: I do.

Ahmed: Good. I need your help at my food cart. You can practice your English here, with my customers.

Mohammed: With your customers?

Ahmed: I have a big job tomorrow, a wedding. I am the head waiter. Be here at 1 o’clock.

Mohammed: Okay. No problem, Ahmed.

Ahmed: This is my big break. If this goes well, I’ll have lots of work in the future. Remember, 1 o’clock sharp. American time.

Mohammed: I will be on time. Don’t worry. It is my great pleasure to serve you!

Ahmed: Mohammed, pay attention! I moved the cart. It is on the corner of East 63rd Street and Madison Avenue.

Mohammed: Sixty what?

Ahmed: East Sixty-Third Street. Six, three, street … east.

Mohammed: Okay. I wrote it down. No problem! See you.


Carlos: You’re late. You said American time, didn’t you?

Tito: Where’s the guitar player?

Manny: Oh. She’s right over there.

Tito: Her?

Chi: So, where do we go?


Mohammed: (on phone) Hello, cousin!

Ahmed: Mohammed, where are you?

Mohammed: I am on my way. Tell me again. Which train do I take? (losing cell phone connection) Ahmed? Ahmed? (to passerby on the street) Hello? Excuse me. Manhattan? Please. 63rd Street?

Passerby: Take the R train to Manhattan. Lexington and 59th Street. It’s that way.

Mohammed: Thank you.


Mr. Joseph: (on phone) I’ll call you back.


Ahmed: Mohammed, what’s going on? Where are you?

Mohammed: 59th Street and Lexington. Where do I go?

Ahmed: North. You have to walk north to 63rd Street.

Mohammed: Ahmed, which way is north?

Ahmed: Uptown. Walk uptown.

Mohammed: Uptown. Which way is uptown?

Ahmed: Look at the street numbers. 59, 60, 61 …


Manny: We are here. 2564 Eighth Avenue. Here. (to Ramon, gesturing for him to go across the street) Go. (on the phone) Hello, I am supposed to play music for the wedding this afternoon. Can I please have your address? … Yes, we are here at the address, and it’s a doctor’s office.

Ramon: Foot doctor!

Manny: Yes, a foot doctor. No wedding here. Yes, uh, 2564 Eighth Avenue. … In Manhattan. Of course! … Brooklyn?! … Are you sure? (to band) The wedding is on 8th Avenue in Brooklyn. Not in Manhattan. … What? They moved the wedding … to Brooklyn.

Tito: Brooklyn, yes. Let’s go to Brooklyn!

Chi: Come on!


Mohammed: Ahmed, I am here.

Ahmed: Where?

Mohammed: I am here at 63rd Street, but I don’t see you.

Ahmed: Mohammed, stop playing games with me. I have to go. I cannot be late. Where are you?

Mohammed: At 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue.

Ahmed: You have to walk to Madison Avenue. Hurry. It is two blocks west.

Mohammed: West?

Ahmed: Just ask someone! Come now!


Mohammed: Please … sir? Help me. I am lost. I need to go to Madison Avenue.

Blind Man: Sure. It’s two blocks that way.

Mohammed: Which way?

Blind Man: I’m walking that way. Come with me.

Mohammed: Thank you, sir, thank you.’

Blind Man: Here, take my arm. Let’s go. So, how long have you been in New York?

Mohammed: Two years.

Blind Man: Oh, how nice. It’s my great pleasure to meet you.

Mohammed: Oh, it is my great pleasure to meet you, too.


Tanya: (taking pictures of the bride, Mrs. Lee, and bridesmaids) A little to the left. Say cheese.

Bride,Mrs. Lee & Bridesmaids: Cheese.

Mr. Joseph: (to the band) Finally, you are here. Hurry up! Hurry up! (to all) Places, everyone. Here they come.


(after the wedding)

Mr. Joseph: Sometimes, I think that New York is like one big wedding. Lots of people working day and night to make it all happen. Mrs. Lee… Tanya… Manny… Ramon… Carlos, Tito, and Chi. And of course, Ahmed. Without them, there would be no New York City.

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